A great advantage of our company is our flexibility, the ability to immediately react to the requirements of our customers, the possibility of flexible manufacturing, and the facilities for the accurate development of materials according to the wishes and needs of you, our customers. Of course, the risk to undertake the development of new items is balanced by our stability, long-term business relations and mainly by our inexhaustible endeavour to make even the impossible possible.

The history of our company dates back to the 18th century, when the first textile shop, which later enlarged to a textile factory, emerged. On this base, a strong and stable company with a vast range of textile assortment used in a great amount of areas emerged. It is an independent company, able to provide complete textile production, inclusive of its own dyehouse, weaving shop, hosiery mill and lines for laminating and backing of materials. It is an adaptable and flexible company, which is able to react to the current needs of the market, and therefore it has gradually focused on the production of special and unique textile, but it can still hold even a market of conservative customers, who prefer traditional textile.

Where do you find us


TEBO, a.s.
Hradecká 295, 378 42 Nová Včelnice
Česká republika
TEL: +420 384 358 111,110
EMAIL: tebo@tebo.cz
IČO/Identification number: 08690171
DIČ/Tax number CZ08690171