Materials in use

  • Outdoor

    - Trainers, safety boots, work shoes, street footwear
    - Sport and safety harnesses for mountain-climbers and for work at heights
    - Equipment for motorsports and cycling – footwear, helmets, gloves
    - Luggage and cases for various usages – knapsacks, rucksacks, holdalls, suitcases, bumbags, cases for mobile phones, spectacle cases and cases for musical instruments
    - Winter sports – ice-hockey equipment, ski boots
    - Prams (baby carriages) and seat shells
    - Tents and deckchairs
    - Clothes and underwear

  • Health Service

    - Orthopaedic ortheses
    - Transport for disabled people – wheelchairs, stretchers

  • Technical / Industrial Usage

    - Bags for lawn mowers
    - Grinding and polishing wheels
    - Seat squabs for means of public transport
    - Office chairs

  • Air Distribution System and Filtration

    - Air distributions for both private and production interiors
    - Dry filtration


Where do you find us


TEBO, a.s.
Hradecká 295, 378 42 Nová Včelnice
Česká republika
TEL: +420 384 358 111,110
IČO/Identification number: 60069741
DIČ/Tax number CZ60069741