• High-Strength Fabrics

    The basic items of the line of products are variously structured plain fabrics which differ in their ways of usage as well as in their weight. These kinds of fabrics are produced in the width of 150 cm, weighing from 150 to 900 g/m2 and in the following material composition: 100 % polyamide or 100% polyester. TEBO, a. s., is a licensee for fabric production from the Cordura-brand certified feed material. The fabric assortment is interestingly brightened by the fact that we offer two- or more-colour fabrics.

  • Fabrics for Air Distribution and Filtration

    The fabric assortment for air distributions and filtration includes two types of fabrics differing in their basic features, for example in permeability, material composition, hygroscopicity etc.

  • Various Fabrics

    Further, TEBO, a. s., also produces fabrics of unusual material composition or usage. They are fabrics from polypropylene or fabrics with a wool content for technical utilisation as well as acrylic fabrics for traditional shoemaking production and fabrics used as various inner linings made from various mixtures.


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