Bonding by Melting Foils and Powder Glues

This type of material lamination uses melting adhesive foil, mesh, and fleece, or possibly powder glue. Foils used are copolyamide, copolyester, polyurethane, and EVA based. After heating-up by passing through the melting zone, the bonding materials are melted on by pressing between the rollers; consequently, the laminate is fixated by passing through the cooling zone. Materials may be layered variously, thus achieving either two- or multi-layered combinations. The maximum working width of materials used is 180 cm.

We also offer bonding in wage, i.e. using customer’s materials.

  • lamination-brushed_net_perforated_foam_II.jpg, 110 kB
  • lamination-brushed_net_perforated_foam.jpg, 109 kB
  • lamination-3D_PU_I.jpg, 76 kB


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