Flame Bonding Using PU and PE Foams

Lamination by PU and PE foams may be done by one-sided, double-sided, or possibly multi-layer melting-down of either polyurethane or polyethylene foam by a gas burner onto an arbitrary fabric. Various widths of foams may be used for bonding. Area material, textile; artificial leather; paper; etc., is applied onto the created melt on the go. Cooling-down bonds the materials, creating a so-called sandwich. The maximum working width of materials used is 180 cm.

We also offer bonding in wage, i.e. using customer’s materials.

  • lamination-woven_PE.jpg, 81 kB
  • lamination-shine_net_PU.jpg, 75 kB
  • lamination-3D_PU.jpg, 53 kB


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