Nano Sphere - naturally self-cleaning

Tebo a. s. is a Nano Sphere licence holder! We will provide you with material that is highly waterproof, is naturally self-cleaning and provides continual protection.

BIONICS - Nature shows us how.
The leaves of real plants always stay clean because dirt does not adhere to their softly structured surface and is easily cleaned in the rain. This natural anti-adhesive and cleaning process known as the self-cleaning effect may be transferred to the surface of fabrics by the means of nanotechnology. The result is NanoSphere® - an ecologically clean fabric treatment developed in accordance with the bluesign® standard.

FUNCTION - Water and stains don’t stand a chance.
Nanoparticles in the NanoSphere® treatment form a smooth structure on the surface of the fabric (see illustration).
Water and fluids like oil or ketchup easily run off the NanoSphere® surface and any remains may be rinsed away with a small amount of water.

Fabrics with NanoSphere® require less frequent laundering and may be washed at lower temperatures. This saves both the environment and the product. This NanoSphere® function is preserved after each laundering or cleaning.

Comparison of products with a normal surface and with the NanoSphere® surface:

Normal surface
The area of contact of a droplet of water or particles of dirt is bigger and therefore the level of cohesiveness is very high. The result is that water and dirt adhere to the fabric.

NanoSphere® surface
Droplets of water or particles of dirt stay only on the surface of the nanoparticles and therefore there is a smaller area of contact. The cohesiveness is significantly reduced, water runs off it, the dirt is repelled and may be easily rinsed away.

ADVANTAGES - NanoSphere® offers reliable protection and comfort
  • Highly waterproof - drops of water run off NanoSphere® fabrics easily and reliably even after long periods in the rain
  • Naturally self-cleaning - oil, dirt and dust do not adhere to the NanoSphere® surface and may be rinsed off with water.
  • Continual protection - NanoSphere® protection stands up even under high use, laundry and cleaning due to its extremely high level of resistance to abrasion.
TEST - Try it out!
Pour ketchup, honey, red wine or any other substance on it. You’ll see that the substance easily runs off or may be easily rinsed with a small amount of water.
See how the feel and permeability are not influenced by NanoSphere®.

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