According to individual customer requirements, the properties of textiles can be changed or a completely new type of fabric can be developed.


Three dimensional knitwear - 3D

This collection contains different types that differ

  • design (form and size of the holes) 
  • material composition (Polyamid, Polyester or their mixtures)
  • other technological parameters (thickness, weight, width etc

The offer is extended by two-color variants.

Warp knitwear

The offer of Warp knits is wide and includes various kinds

  • brushed
  • chain
  • plain or differently structured

The most common material composition is Polyamide, but the collection also includes Polyester knits.

Loop knitwear - Frottee

The base of the terry knit is always Polyester, the loop is made


High tenacity fabrics

The basis of the product line of fabrics are plain fabrics of various constructions and weights. An interesting renewal of the collection of fabrics are two or three-color varieties.

TEBO, a.s. is a holder of a certificate for the production of fabrics from Cordura® brand material.

Fabrics for filtration

The collection of fabrics for filtration contains various types of products that differ in their basic parameters such as breathability, material composition, weight, moisture and so on.